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A geyser blanket is an additional layer of insulation designed to be wrapped around the geyser.

Most products available typically consist of a 50 mm layer, however the thicker the geyser insulation the better.


What does a Geyser Blanket do?

A good geyser blanket reduces the rate of cooling of the water inside the geyser considerably.  Furthermore, geyser blankets are relatively inexpensive.  Reduce energy consumption with a geyser blanket if your geyser is not insulated, water is constantly being reheated with a resultant escalation in daily electricity usage.

Why do I need a Geyser Blanket?

Geysers are notorious for their high energy consumption.  More often than not they are responsible for as much as 60% of a power bill.  A geyser is responsible for about 45% of a household’s monthly electricity bill.  Their inlet and outlet pipes alone are responsible for up to 13% of this cost.

Geyser Blanket

The Geyser Insulation pack consists of a foil faced Glasswool geyser insulation blanket in a kit form that includes 5 x 1m, high density Glasswool Snap On Pipe insulation of 15mm ID bore x 20mm wall thickness and duct tape. Additional pipe insulation is available on request.

Why insulate a geyser?

By insulating your geyser and pipes with a geyser blanket you can save up to 58% of the energy used by your geyser system.

As a “One-stop Insulation shop” Insulpro CC can offer insulation solutions across all temperature ranges and applications.

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